Welcome to the home of the Order of Phoenix

Sunday, 31th July 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
and the Phoenix Family Grows again. This morning at 9:33 Eolin, Andaryel's wife, has born a 3890g "heavy" and 53cm "big" girl that will soon listen on the name Maja. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thursday, 21th July 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
on monday Humandie's family has grown. His wife has born him a hale and hearty little girl! CONGRATULATIONS!

Tuesday, 19th July 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
thanks to our PhoenixMember Kenael we have a forum now. You can access our Forum via clicking on the first egg in the EggMenu or using this link: PhoenixForum

Sunday, 17th July 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
Guild alliance with "Maat"
(also send to all Members via InGameMail by Vladimir)
Since today we have an alliance with the guild "Maat". The reason for this alliance is to team up for the highlevel instances.
To talk with the members of "Maat" we have made a special chat channel called "PhoenixMaat".
I would like to see all people join that channel, and when sort of people for an instance, please check there first.
If any problems may happen with this alliance please report it to me or Andaryel.

Thursday, 14th July 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
finally the PhoenixEpic section has opened. So far just one item (the one i found) is in there, but as soon as the members start sending screenshots of their items that section will be filled.

Thursday, 23rd June 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
Since yesterday we are listened in the GuildRoster of www.worldofwar.de.
Please create an account there so we can maintain our registration there. Please send me your accountname (of www.worldofwar.de) via InGameMail so that i can invite you to join our guild there.
A registration in the GuildRoster of www.warcrafttavern.com is waiting for being activated. Update: It is activated now

Contact Page updated. For those that might not understand & = @ (just for protection of spamrobots)

Monday, 20th June 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
Our Members Info is now beeing generated with the GuildExtract-Addon and converted to hmtl with a self written script. So beeing up-to-date on that page is now way easyer to do and will be done more often than in the past.

Friday, 17th June 2005
Dear PhoenixMembers,
Update on "Downloads" and "Rules" pages.

Thursday, 16th June 2005
Dear Visitors,
As our GuildMaster has posted on the english WoW-Forums we are still seeking YOU to aid us in growing and ruling the Warsong server.
We are looking for active(!) members and offer the complete guild support for all of our active members, as there is:

  • Questing,
  • Battlegrounds,
  • PvP,
  • Tradeskillhelp,
  • and much more...

  • And a third time, we are seeking active (no alts and or/bank-chars!) members.
    To get in touch with us, you can seek out our GuildMaster "Danthar", myself "Andaryel" or any of our officers (as listed under "AboutUs")
    We are looking forward to seeing you.

    Saturday, 25th May 2005
    Dear PhoenixMembers,
    Added another option to enlarge the MemberPictures within "The Guild".

    Saturday, 14th May 2005
    Dear PhoenixMembers,
    No, implementing the content hasn't stopped, but right it might look like it did. The other contents aren't filled yet because – with the help of Danthar – there are core changes to the code going on right now. We are setting up this site completly with php5 and this takes some time to rewrite and test the code. If you'd like to see some of the tests, follow this link: expired – changes went live

    Friday, 6th May 2005
    Dear PhoenixMembers,
    Now, after reworking the WebSite – with the great graphical help from Debaas – the new layout is online!
    Depending on my time everything will be implemented step by step again.

    Sunday, 27th February 2005
    Dear PhoenixMembers,
    This page will be our instrument to give you all the informations you might need for our Guild.
    Schedules like GuildMeetings, GuildPartys and any other GuildActions will be announced here.